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Our thoughtfully selected vessels start with a candle, but are waiting to become plant pots, flower vases and holders of things. a necessity for your Shelfie game.


Our Roots

It all started with our signature Flower Shop Candles™ in 2016. Owner and Lead Designer, Laurel was a professional Florist with a busy brick and mortar flower shop just east of Toronto, Canada. The store also sold lifestyle products like handcrafted soaps, plant pots and candles. When it become apparent how much people loved flowers AND candles, Laurel decided to combine the two with a one-of-a-kind, made in-house candle that was inspired by the shop. They were an instant hit with customers and we weren’t able to make them fast enough.

When she hung up her clippers and retired as a professional florist after twelve years, expanding the candle line was the next chapter.


Our candles

A quality candle consists of three important elements: Scent, burn quality and vessel. Having perfected the first two elements after two years of selling our signature Flower Shop Candles, we wanted to focus on the potential of the container and it’s ability to offer reusable purposes in your home.

Every one of our candle containers are sourced and designed to inspire your personal style and fit into your space with a permanent home. Once the wax has finished, each container can be used to hold plants, flowers, jewelry, or sit on its own to add visual texture to your environment.

Every candle is hand-poured with soy wax or beeswax, cotton or cherry wood wick, essential oils, phthalate-free fragrance and carefully selected toppings.


our candles

almost too pretty to use. but we recommend that you do.