Beeswax: A Miracle of Nature

Beeswax candles have been around for thousands of years. That fact alone should prove just how incredible they are.

Although they’re not anything new, they are new-ish to us here at East City Candles. When we started hand-pouring candles in 2015, soy wax was our focus. It’s a beautiful, creamy base for scented candles and doesn’t emit gross toxins as paraffin wax does. Don’t worry, soy wax is not going anywhere! Our 2019 line offers two soy wax scented options with phthalate-free fragrances and cotton wicks.

BUT we’ve been experimenting and FALLING IN LOVE with beeswax candles over the past few months as we test and develop our new line. The thing that stood out the most to us about beeswax candles was the distinctively natural, warm and sweet scent when they burn. We’re not about to be messing with nature, so our beeswax candles will be unscented with just a small amount of organic, fair-trade coconut oil and cotton wicks.

Here’s a few benefits of burning beeswax in your home:

  1. Science Stuff - It’s believed that beeswax emits negative ions into the air when burned. These ions attach themselves to air pollutants in your home (pollen, dust, dirt) and create a purifying effect.

  2. Since our Beeswax candles have no added fragrance AND clean the air, they are great for people with allergies and asthma, who may be sensitive to most other candles on the market.

  3. Pure beeswax candles burn longer than other waxes.

  4. HELPING TO SUPPORT THE BEE POPULATION!!!! Fyi, the planet will die without bees. Fact.

So, there you have it. Beeswax is a miracle of nature. We will admit however, there’s been a bit of experimenting needed to figure out the nature of beeswax when it burns, as it IS different than soy. Because we use 100% pure Canadian beeswax, it is a much harder wax than say soy. This is why we add a small amount of organic, fair-trade coconut oil. It helps to soften the wax and produces a more even burn. If you’ve ever burned a pure beeswax candle, you may have experienced “tunnelling.” This is when the wick just burns right down and creates a tunnel shape, instead of evenly melting the wax to the diameter of the container. The size and quantities of wicks is also very important to avoid tunnelling.

We hope you’ll fall in love with our 2019 Beeswax candles as much as we have!!!

Laurel MunroComment