Our Candle Journey Started with Flowers

Everything revolves around flowers for us. Even candles.

We used to own a flower shop in Whitby, Ontario called Mint Floral Co. - you may have heard of it if you live in the Toronto/Durham Region.

In addition to selling LOOOOOTTTTTSSSS of flowers, we had a pretty great lifestyle section with just all sorts of gorgeous, handmade things - soaps, plant pots, macrame, jewelry, prints and CANDLES. While we carried some really incredible candle brands, I wanted to make our own, signature candle that was hand-poured in the shop. So, we started making the “Flower Shop” candle in 2015.

We weren’t trying to be a luxury candle brand or take on the 7.5 billion dollar candle industry, but they were REALLY popular. We used creamy soy wax with dried florals on top (flower shop, guys) in a white ceramic container and a simple label sticker. They were too pretty to burn!!! We actually heard this a lot from our customers. They would buy multiple candles; one for a friend, two for themselves, one of which was the “display” candle and didn’t get burned. The BEST was a customer who told me our candles inspired workout sessions in her stinky basement. She’d tell her husband, “I’m only going down there if the Flower Shop candle is lit!!” I think this was the best compliment we ever received.

Flash forward a few years and after over a decade in the flower business, I needed a change. We closed up shop, sold our townhouse in Whitby and moved to the country. We bought a little century home in an adorable community about 90 minutes east of the city. And East City Candles was born.

This time around, I wanted our candles to be a serious brand. With the flower business behind me, I could focus on developing a product that was true to my taste and design influence. I wanted a container that was completely unique to East City Candles - not a jar with a screw lid, or a plant pot that anyone could order from the big Wholesalers in Toronto. I scoured the internet, looking for something that inspired me. As soon as I laid eyes on our ceramic vessels, I knew. They were STUNNING, clean in design and hard to get. I won’t give up my sources because that would be dumb business sense, but we found a factory that put my selected six designs into production, just for us and off they went making 4000 ceramic vessels.


While we have been waiting for them to finish production, I’ve been testing soy and beeswax formulas to hand-pour every candle. If you missed my love story about beeswax, have a read.

Our candles will be available to purchase in mid to late February. You’ll be able to purchase them directly through our website for delivery across Canada. We also have a Stockist/Wholesale program for any brick and mortar interested in selling our candles retail.

THANK YOU to everyone who has hit us with so much excitement and interest over our new line. As you now know, it’s been a long journey to this point. We didn’t just wake up one day and decide to start a candle business. It’s been a lot of work and waiting, but your incredible feedback so far has made every second worth it. Can’t wait to hear what you think when they hit your coffee tables!!!!!

Photo by Lauren Miller

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