A Scented Candle that Doesn’t Smell.

We’ve been throwing A LOT of love at the beeswax lately. And for good reason. But soy wax is not to be put in a corner.

It’s one of the most popular candles waxes on the market today. Unlike paraffin wax, it burns clean without releasing toxins into the surrounding environment. Its beautiful, creamy white wax melts pretty perfectly and holds scent for a good throw.

“Scent Throw” is a term for scented candles. A candle with a good throw means the scent is noticeable, long lasting and carried further throughout the room/house.

We’ve all been there. Disappointed with a candle that doesn’t smell when you burn it. It’s honestly maddening if you are a candle person. Because us serious candle people will fork over some dough for a beautiful candle that smells just right. Then, you light that wick, give it lots of time and nada. Doesn’t smell like anything. And to make it worse, sometimes all you smell is a bad quality wick and this makes me even more angry.

There are a lot of reasons why the scent throw is poor.

  1. The fragrance was added when the wax was either too hot or too cold. There is a precise temperature of the wax when the fragrance should be added. If not, it will burn right off then (too hot), or not properly combine with the wax (too cold.)

  2. Not enough fragrance added. You can definitely add too much fragrance. The scent will be strong, yes, but if the ratio of fragrance oil to wax is off, your candle won’t melt properly. If not enough fragrance is added, you guessed it - won’t smell.

  3. Poor quality fragrance. We have experimented with MANY fragrance options - both essential oils and fragrance oils. We have found that while essential oils have many benefits, a beautifully crafted fragrance can really make a candle special. We ONLY use phthalate-free fragrances from Canadian sources to ensure the quality and integrity of our candles.

  4. Not allowing your candle to burn long enough. If you have a poor quality candle, this won’t matter much. But candles are meant to be lit for a minimum of 2 hours. If you just light a candle for 10 minutes at, you’re not giving it enough time to do its thing. Allowing the flame to melt the wax and warm the candle for a longer period, will result in a better burning candle and stronger scent throw.

Can you believe how intricate candle making and even burning one can be? It’s no joke. And honestly this is why although the candle industry is enormous and growing, you can come across a big variance in quality and user satisfaction.

But in our eyes, you go hard or you go home. So we’re here to bring you a candle experience. #hygge

Laurel MunroComment