Reusable & Waste-Free

If you read our post about how this candle journey started, you’ll know that we set out to create a line that wasn’t really like anything out there. It wasn’t going to cut it to use jars that we’ve all seen before and furthermore, we wanted them to become a permanent part of your home decor, not end up in the trash. Our ceramic containers once finished burning your candle, should be re-purposed within your home for planted succulents, a jewellery holder or shelfie treasure. We’ll have six, cohesive styles and colours to choose from, so you can keep adding to your collection and fitting them into your home style.

Having these particular designs put into production just for us was the more expensive, time consuming and logistically complicated way to create our new collection. But this is the work that goes on behind the scenes to develop a beautiful product from scratch.

Our packaging will also reflect a focus to keep waste minimal by never using cellophane and packing with recyclable materials only. OF COURSE we want you to share a box-opening video on Instagram, so your package will be pretty. But we’ve carefully chosen our packaging to inspire you, while keeping it reasonable and cutting back on waste.


Our scandi-inspired containers finished production last week and now we just need to get them to our private studio and start pouring!! The past few months have been a valuable time for testing new waxes and candle formulas. Our new Canadian BEESWAX candles have been tested over and over to make sure they not only look good, but also burn with exceptional quality.

Every piece will be hand-poured in small batches and sold through our website or at selected retail stores across Canada. We’ll continue to keep our Subscribers updated on a specific launch date in March and will also make sure they get some great discounts and giveaways. So make sure you sign up here!

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