Honey Pillar Candle in "Blush"

Honey Pillar Candle in "Blush"


Honey Pillar

Canadian Beeswax (10%) & Eco Soy (90%) Blend. Candle will not smell strongly of Beeswax. The use of wax is determined by the colour we are trying to achieve.

10 oz

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The Honey Pillar in “Blush”

Made with:

  • 100% Canadian Beeswax & Eco Soy Blend

  • Cotton Braided Wicks

  • Dyes

The are hand-poured at our studio in Trent Hills, Ontario. Always burn on plate or pillar holder as wax may drip when melted.

Please note: Every candle will have a visible seam on one side. This is due to the mold.

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